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Individual Therapy

In-person and online sessions

My psychotherapy practice is influenced by principles from humanistic and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy.   The theoretical underpinning of my work is based on a model of embodied and enacted relational psychotherapy and I am informed by an ecopsychological perspective, which recognises that the individual body and the wider body of the world are intimately connected.  I include elements of Jungian sandplay therapy. In my work the body is considered a medium for presenting both conscious and unconscious psychic contents.  I incorporate neuroscientific concepts such as embodied cognition, somatic markers and image schema as part of valuing the body and imagination in clinical experience.

People come to me for support with a range of struggles such as: anxiety; grief; depression; mental or physical illness; medically unexplained symptoms; gender questioning; obsessive compulsive behaviours; the effects of trauma (including childhood emotional deprivation, difficult parent-child match and sexual abuse); relationship problems; eating disorders; substance abuse; a sense of wanting to fill an inner emptiness or work with blockages to growth and healing.

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