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Group Therapy

For group work, depending on what is appropriate for each group and circumstance I draw on the following practices:

I use a mindful, kinetic practice, a model derived from Dance Movement Therapy, which is developing its theoretical basis from embodied cognition.  In addition it uses mindfulness, experiential learning through experimentation, group analysis and theories and practices from authentic movement.   Authentic movement is considered to support the evolution of individual self-awareness, as well as collective consciousness.  The authentic movement practice involves the role of the 'witness' and the 'mover'. The ‘witness’ holds the space for the ‘mover’ with embodied empathy and compassion.  Authentic movement provides the opportunity to both connect to the self and the collective.  It supports the development of an inner 'witness'; the ability to reflect self and internalize the ‘witness´s’ accepting attitude.

I use an interactive Dance Movement Therapy approach that is used mostly within groups. This approach engages clients whose capacity to participate in strictly verbal group therapy is limited. It contributes to reintegration of non-verbal elements of behaviour, reconstructing an appropriate body image and physically activating and motivating the client. The client may in time be able to use creative movement to safely release feelings of frustration and anger within the containing structure of the group.  This approach promotes the integration of intra-actional (within the individual) and interactional (relating with the environment) systems.

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