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My psychotherapy practice incorporates elements of ecotherapy and embodied approaches to sustainability. I engage with communities around climate change and extreme events, linked to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, as part of reducing social vulnerability and building resilience. My PhD in Geography, through the Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University, South Africa, focused on relationality between people and ecology, with a focus on relational and generational trauma linked to a history of land dispossession. It included engagement with complex social-ecological systems, ecopsychology, embodiment, enactment and the phenomenological standpoint of interconnectedness. 


My work supports researchers and communities by offering tools for reflection, healing and agency.  I engage with a range of projects as well as research based processes, offering the skills of embodied cognition and mindfulness practice. I have a particular interest in ecopsychology and the interface between people and ecology as part of shifting to a more attuned response to our own nature. I have facilitation experience with a range of groups and people.

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